If you have missing teeth, you may have trouble eating chewy or textured foods. You may find speaking tricky. You may even feel self-conscious when laughing and smiling with your friends and family members.

Your dentist in Kew East, VIC offers a variety of tooth replacement solutions, including bridges and dentures, but for long-lasting tooth replacement—a more permanent solution to tooth loss—we commonly recommend dental implants.

Aside from longevity, dental implants are considered by many to be the closest tooth replacement when compared with natural teeth. A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that stands in for the entire anatomy of your missing tooth—from root to crown.

Dental Implants in Kew East, VIC

A dental implant is a titanium post that stands in for a missing tooth root. The post is typically made from strong material like titanium, and your dentist surgically implants this post in your jaw, making sure the area is numb, of course, before starting work.

When the implant post bonds with your jawbone—typically a few months—healing is complete, and your dentist is ready to place your new dental crown.

If you have significant tooth loss, implant posts may be durable enough to support an arch of restoration teeth—usually, four to six posts per jaw.

Your dentist will help you make the best choice for your implants and learn whether you’re a good candidate for these options following a thorough consultation that includes your smile goals.

Dental implants may improve your oral health by preventing slippage (teeth moving naturally toward smile gaps). Slippage can contribute to tooth wear, fractures, and dental cavities. Implant posts may also stimulate your jawbone to help with deterioration.

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